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Unit Histories, Reports and Maps

This project seeks to bring some the Unit history details and reports and stories to light along with  CBI  Vets oral histories.  We are looking to tell  true reflections of the CBI story yet to be told.  In addition, the photos and videos provide the images needed to paint a complete picture of the Black American Lives along The Ledo / Stilwell Road.

Lets start with the  two images below.  Please take a close look at the chart and map BELOW from The Headquarters Advance Section Final Report.   

Note the distances and the time it takes to cover 100 miles of the 1000 miles of the completed road.  All documents have been declassified. 

The Two Documents below and on the right were included in a Report from Major General, Lewis Pick Commander, Headquarters.

1.  Take a close look at the Time CHART that notes the Progress on the completion of the road building, and then

2.  look at the Ledo Road Progress MAP  to note exactly how many miles were covered in that time. 

3.  Look at the complete map above in the Heading to note how much road had to be constructed. From Ledo India to Kunming, China. Try to note the  terrain that had to be handled by the road builders and then the truck drivers.  Can you spell MONSOON.  The bridges, The Bridges over all those


4.  The first convoy traveled the route when?  It says on one of the  images.  



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