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Oral Histories

This project seeks to bring some the Unit history details and reports and stories to light along with  CBI  Vets oral histories.  We are looking to tell  true reflections of the CBI story.  In addition, the photos and videos provide the images needed to paint a complete picture of the Black American Lives along The Ledo / Stilwell Road.

Oral Histories. Please check back to hear the story from Mr. Newman and Mr. Washington.

Lew, Mr. Newman and me in Philadelphia.j
Jacket with Bullet Holes - Copy.jpg

Mr. Lynwood Newman and Dr. Lew McCammon At a CBI Conference in Philadelphia, Early 2000.

Pontoon Boats

HardyandCaptJordan (2)_edited.jpg

Mr. Randall Washington at a Recognition Ceremony, early 2000.

45th Engineers:  Road Builder and Vocalist in Band

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