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  The Ledo Road Project

During WWII, of the 10,000 Army Personnel assigned to construct the road, 60 – 65% were African Americans.  In some two years, these 6,000 men built a road from Ledo India to Kunming China, some 1000 miles.  These men and women occupied the China-Burma-India Theater of Operation:  CBI.

The Ledo Road, called a “magnificent engineering feat,” UA Army soldiers, along with a Chinese Battalion and Indian workers followed a path through the jungles and mountains breeched swollen rivers filled from Monsoon waters from Ledo, India through Burma in order to reach Kunming, China.  Completed, The Ledo/Stilwell Road was 1079 miles long and tt served as the overland, supply route to China. 


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Heading Map Credit

Map From Stilwell Road:  Story of the Ledo Lifeline

Prepared by the Office of Public Relations, USF in IBT Advance Section, APO 689, in conjunction with the Information and Education Division,  IBT 

This Publication was planned and written by S/Sgt. C.M. Buchanan and Sgt. John R. McDowell. Layout, illustrations and map by Cpl. Sidney Kotler. All Photographs by men of the 164th Signal Photo Company.  Circa 1942

Any Period Army Documents are declassified as of  The Fall of  2000

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